Playfully create delicious healthy food based on your own needs.

Step into your creative superpowers and learn how to nurture your body and soul…

In Lie's Freedom Kitchen

…you will get back in touch with your body. You will see more and more creative options with all sorts of vegetables. And you will feel your joy flowing because all your senses are stimulated. Instead of pressure or perfection in cooking, cooking becomes a source of joy again. And a way to express how you feel inside and what you need. You learn to cook real, pure, and essential. And put your taste buds to good use.

Learn how to cook at: Online seasonal cooking classes, private or group cooking workshops, or 1-on-1 Happy Life and Cooking Coaching

Who is Lie?

Intuitive cooking and eating coach, plant-based chef, Conscious Maker, creative kitchen rethinker, and lover of cooking life

It is Lie’s gift to bring out the best in you in a very light-hearted and hands-on way, so that you too can be your beautiful self. Cooking with her is a journey of discovery full of Practical Magic in which ingredients are the kitchen tools that let you immediately experience what resonates with you.

She has had several food related businesses. Of which one was a restaurant in Portugal where she cooked with lots of passion. It’s where she discovered that cooking is the most creative and fulfilling daily art. She also had the first food truck in Holland and she baked tiny Dutch pancakes ‘poffertjes’ in the hot summers on Portuguese festivals. Where she lived with her heart family in the Portuguese countryside.

“Experience a major shift in your energy, creativity and fun while you cook with Lie!”

Femke Krijger

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